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Usupov Palace

Usupov Palace

Usupov palace was owned by the wealthiest noble family in Russia on the eve of the Revolution of 1917.

The palace is also interesting for the fact that one of the most enigmatic figures in the Russian history in the early 20th century – Gregory Rasputin – was murdered here. A special wax exhibition demonstrating the exact participants of the murder was opened in the basement of the palace in 19.

Since the middle of the 19th century all the Russian tzars often visited the palace. It boasts rich and impressive interiors, which survived the Revolution of 1917 and WWII.

By all means this is the second grandest palace in St-Petersburg, after the Winter Palace.

There are several types of tours in the Usupov Palace.

  • A tour of the palace.
  • A tour of the palace including the Princely chambers.
  • A tour of the palace including Rasputin rooms.
  • A tour of the palace including the Princely chambers and Rasputin rooms.

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On this tour of the Yusupov Palace, you will get a taste of beautiful Russian architecture and revel in the history and glamor of one of the oldest and finest palaces in Saint Petersburg. This colorful and vast building rivals some of the greatest Moscow palaces and certainly holds its own among the great ancient buildings of Saint Petersburg. The Yusupov Palace (often referred to as the Moika Palace) can be found very close to the historic center of the city, and stands near the famous Mariinsky Theater. On your Yusupov Palace St Petersburg Russia tour, you will find out why this is one of the few residences not belonging to royals to be preserved through the ages, and why it remains an important and popular St Petersburg sightseeing location to this day.

The Yusupov Palace appeals to many tourists because of its long and somewhat notorious history. The place where the palace stands originally hosted another building – a wooden palace built for the niece of the tsar Peter the Great. In 1770, the new owner of the property – Count Peter Shuvalov commissioned a new palace to be built and hired the famous French architect Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe, who created the grand and eye-pleasing monument we see today. In 1830, the palace was purchased by the noble and extremely wealthy Yusupov family, so its status as one of the great Russian palaces of the nobility was cemented. However, the most interesting point in the palace’s history came in 1916, when the infamous “Mad Monk” and royal advisor Grigori Rasputin was murdered there by the Yusupovs. Soon after this grisly and historic event, the Russian Revolution of 1917 took place, and the palace was eventually turned into a museum by Soviet authorities. Today, the Moika Palace serves as the location for great tours, exhibitions, concerts, masquerades, and theater performances.

Learning the history of this Russian gem will undoubtedly prove fascinating for you, but you will also be treated to its many visual delights. The halls of this palace are lavish and ornate, featuring countless tapestries, frescoes, paintings, silks, chandeliers, and other regal possessions and decorations. One of the highlights of your tour will be the palace’s mini-theater, a lustrous hall with a high ceiling and a large stage for performances where private showings of various performances were held. However, the palace’s points of interest do not stop there. If you ascend to the second floor, you will get to see the White Column Room. This is a large ballroom where Russian royals and nobles gathered to celebrate special occasions and have a good time. Another great point of interest is the Green Drawing Room. This is a cozy and elegant spot with a fancy fireplace, large mirror, and different pieces of antique furniture. Once you reach the Banquet Hall, you will see a huge and light-filled room with marble columns and a monumental chandelier where the nobles and their guests dined. Other great attractions within the palace include the Turkish Study used by the Yusupovs as a billiards room, the Moorish Drawing Room, picture galleries with exquisite works of Russian and European painters, the chambers of the royal prince, as well as the scene of Rasputin’s murder, with a recreation of the crime scene that includes wax figures, documents, and photographs.

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