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Peterhof Palace and Park

Peterhof Palace and Park

Enjoy a calm and relaxing walk in a picturesque park of Peterhof, one of the former countryside residences of the Russian Tzars, which is located right on the Gulf of Finland. Due to this it is possible to reach the place by a hydrofoil, which is the best solution for a good weather and it takes only an hour and a half compared to one hour by a car.

The garden has a special historical atmosphere with the fountains.

There are several museums on the territory of Peterhof park, which might be of interest to you. The Grand Palace is one of them.

No less interesting and less crowded museums are the Bath Block, the Catherine Block, Cottage Palace or Farmer’s Palace.

The Magic Inside

It doesn’t take an artisan to appreciate the great beauty of this residence from the outside, but there is so much more to gaze and revel at inside. On your tour of this marvelous St Petersburg Russia sightseeing attraction, you will be able to walk through the main palace rooms, which are situated on the first floor and have the most diverse purposes. For example, the Blue Reception room is a small but cozy place with blue silk walls, a parquet floor, wall wainscots and antique furniture. This room was decorated by Francesco Rastrelli and served as the place where journals of the goings-on of the palace were recorded and stored. The Chesme Room is another impressive room, albeit of a significantly larger size. With light hues, plenty of windows and mirrors, this is a very bright and elegant room, which is named after the many paintings on its walls that depict the Battle of Chesme, a major Russian victory.

If you would like to be taken back to the time and place where royals in elegant suits and long, flowing gowns mingled, there is no better place to do this than the dance hall. This is a huge room with a high ceiling and plenty of room for dancing. The Dance Hall is also referred to as the Light Gallery, due to its many enormous windows, which are distributed in two tiers and stretch through the whole hall, giving an abundance of light. Even though the Dance Hall is one of the biggest rooms in the palace, it pales in comparison with the Throne Room. With a whopping area of 330 meters, this is an immense hall where receptions were held, and the tsar sat. The walls of the Throne Room are enlivened by reliefs and portraits of different Russian royals, with the Romanov Dynasty prominently displayed. Nevertheless, the object that commands the most attention is the throne, a large platform made of oak, covered by red velvet and adorned with the traditional Russian double eagle.

Another room that was used for royal receptions and meetings with guests is the Audience Hall. The coves of this room feature gilt paintings, a ceiling painting by Paolo Ballarini, and many valuable relics like blue Chinese vases, a musical clock, statuettes and decorative vases. You will have the rare opportunity to see how royals and aristocrats dined when you visit the white dining room, a large chamber with a table that could seat dozens of guests. The walls of this room are adorned with paintings of Greek mythological figures while the overall design is more modern than most other rooms. Other places of interest in the palace include the unique Chinese studies of Peter the Great, a picture hall with hundreds of remarkable paintings, as well as other studies, drawing rooms, bedchambers, and rooms with miscellaneous purposes.

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