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Visit the major art museum in St-Petersburg, the State Hermitage Museum. You will see an, incomparable collection of Western European art and sculpture as well as unique interiors of the former royal residence, the Winter Palace, which is a part of the museum.

The Hermitage is huge, it’s a fact. And in many sources you can read that it has numerous steps, km, etc. No wonder it’s easy to get lost when you are there on your own. I can offer a tour which includes all the highlights of the museum. You will see all the major paintings, rooms and sculpture during 3 hours.

It is also possible to visit another part of the Hermitage, the General Staff Building, famous for the collection of the French Impressionists. Let me know, please, if you would like to do this.

This is one of the main St Petersburg attractions and is among the biggest and greatest museums of art in the world, on par with the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and any other famous art museum you can name. If you choose to go on a tour of this amazing art gallery, you will get to visit the five main buildings of the museum complex, including The Winter Palace, Small Hermitage, Old Hermitage, New Hermitage, and Hermitage Theatre. Also, it is possible to see the collection of the French Impressionists, located in the General Staff Building, a part of the Hermitage, located just across the Palace square.

Witness the rich history of the paintings in the Hermitage come to life

If you are interested in more than just seeing some of the famous paintings in the Hermitage, and would like to get a taste of Russian history and architecture as well, then you will surely be pleased with this museum. It was founded in 1764 by the empress Catherine the Great, but was initially just a private collection of 225 paintings and other art pieces for the royal family and their guests to enjoy. However, in 1852, the Hermitage (the New Hermitage building, to be precise) opened its door to many visitors, and its collection has grown to more than three million items to this day. On a tour of the museum, you will get to see the lavish and majestic interior of the Winter Palace, which initially housed the collection, along with more beautiful architecture in the extensions to the museum built by famous architects like Yury Felten and Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe. In its history, the Hermitage has experienced fires, a destructive revolution, bombardment during WWII, yet it has remained as radiant and rich as ever. As the Hermitage grew to become one of the world’s greatest art museums, its collections expanded to contain some of the finest paintings by Da Vinci, Raphael, Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gough, and Matisse, along with thousands of other masterpieces.

Visiting the exhibits and collections of the Hermitage on SPB tours

On this tour, you will see many exquisite and unique collections of art. For example, the Hermitage hosts a very large and extensive collection of Egyptian antiquities. These relics date back to the 12th century A.D. The Egyptian collection includes statuettes, stone tablets, sphinx figures, jewelry, and many more rare items that have gradually been added to this gallery over centuries. The Egyptian collection is housed in a single hall on the East side of the Winter Palace but is nonetheless one of the biggest and most extensive of its kind.

While you may be amazed by the well-preserved Egyptian relics of an ancient time, you’ll probably be even more impressed with a collection that dates much further back in the past – the prehistoric collection. Located in the west wing of the Winter Palace, the prehistoric collection features art and items from the Paleolithic Age to the Iron Age discovered in the Caucasus region.

As any art museum tour guide can tell you, any international museum is incomplete without a collection of classical antiquities, and the Hermitage certainly doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. When you visit this huge collection, spread out over the ground floor of the New and Old Hermitage building, you will get to see hundreds of beautiful and rare Greek monuments, artifacts, sculpture, jewelry, and even architecture.

Dive into Western culture at the Hermitage Museum Saint Petersburg

All of the aforementioned collections are impressive in their own right, but you will also want to see the jewel of the Hermitage – a vast assortment of European art from the 13th-20th centuries. The Italian renaissance collection features works from the finest artists of that time, created by masters of their craft like Giorgione, Titian, Raphael, and Leonardo da Vinci. Once you move on to other cultures, you will be able to take in Spanish fine art from the 15th-18th century, and a collection of medieval armor, weapons, and artifacts in the Knight’s Hall. If you are interested in specific styles, you will be able to check out a multitude of neoclassical, impressionist, and post-impressionist art. You can really see the world without flying anywhere once you experience the Hermitage’s collection of French, German, British, Swiss, French, Dutch, Asian, and Middle Eastern art. Though it is valued as an international museum with relics from all cultures, the Hermitage also features an unsurpassed collection of Russian art. You should not forget that even though collections make up the core of what the Hermitage has to offer, it also features numerous permanent and temporary collections.

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